For most of us the family house if the biggest and best investment we will make in our lives. Some have cottages but that is usually it. Why? How much have you made from your RSP's the past five years? Why don't you own more property?

If you are looking for cash flow properties please contact me,
I started off with one basement apartment and now I own 23 units enough to allow me to make my hobby my full time job. I also bought my first 18 unit building with only 15% down and I can help guide you with CMHC requirements etc.

I can help you evaluate:

  • Expenses       
  • Cash Flow
  • Location   
  • My favourite: Hidden Value

I also have my personal team of:
Commercial Mortgage specialists, real estate lawyers, engineers and accountants.

An investment property is all about having a good team to give you good advice so take advantage of what I have learned over the years.

Jordin Neumann

Sales Representative

Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage

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