A Brief History:

Before Real Estate became my profession I was an investor. I had a cottage rental property in Niagara; I flipped houses and then I got into multi unit apartments. Leveraging the equity in my home I was able to put together a portfolio of 23 units in just a few years. I wasn't always easy but I was hooked on real estate as my long term cash flow vehicle as well as my retirement nest egg.

Along the way I enjoyed helping friends with their first purchase and others with their first investment. It was so rewarding that I decided to make real estate my full time passion and have never looked back.

There is nothing more rewarding than helping clients navigate the  intimidating waters of the Toronto real estate market.

What Can I Do for You? 

1. Simplify the Process 

Understanding the market doesn't have to be intimidating. Buying and selling are a process and I can help you clearly understand the process and take the fear out of buying or selling.

2. Provide clear information

I am not here to tell my clients what to do, I provide them with the information to empower them to make a decision that  is right for them.

3. Guidance

As a professional it is my duty to always look out for you. Beyond that, the experience I have (often from my mistakes) as owner and investor has proven invaluable to many of my clients. 

4. Fun!

Believe it or not I insist to my clients that we have fun because in this crazy market you have to be prepared but you also have to laugh (and walk away from a deal). Based on past experience; if you get too serious you tend to over analyse or rationalize questionable decisions. In other words; always be  prepared to say No Thanks!

If that sounds like someone you may want to work with please contact me and we can sit down over a coffee.

Jordin Neumann

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